Are these Jordans real? Authentic Discount Jordans

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Are these Jordans real in your store?

Hi everyone!! I wanted to feature a part in my blog that answers questions about our store.

I had a question today whether or not our Jordans in our store are real? And I wanted to let everyone know that yes they are real, 100% authentic Jordans.  The Jordans were purchased at Nike stores, FootAction, Foot Lockers all located in New Jersey.  

My wonderful dad has a hobby of collecting Jordans and it was taking over their house. So he was generous enough to let go of these Jordans (besides my mother telling him to get rid of them) that are featured in our store and share them with you at a very discount price.  And that's why you only see 1 kind in 1 size.  We aren't trying to make a killing off of them as to why they aren't over priced and priced very competitively. We just want to get rid of them. We guarantee that these Jordans are 100% authentic.

So yes, the Jordans are real and authentic and cheap.  And some boxes you might find a name on it, because that's what Nike does to hold them for a customer.

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