Back Seat Organizer Car Kick Mat Seat Belt Pillow Cling Sun Shade Giraffe Set

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Back Seat Organizer Car Kick Mat Seat Belt Pillow Cling Sun Shade Giraffe Set
  • ORGANIZED ROAD TRIPS. CLEANER CAR RIDES. TRAVEL IN STYLE. Be the cool and savvy parent by getting this child-friendly item that best suits when traveling with your kids and keeping them behaved yet happy. This stylish set, starred by Gerry Giraffe, is packed with 1 iPad back seat organization kick mat, 2 static cling sunnies and a plush seat belt pillow for your little ones.
  • YOUR CHILD’S ADORABLE SEAT BELT BUDDY. Baby Gerry Giraffe is ready to set a new standard of providing extreme comfort and safety to your child with their new on-the-go best friend. Gerry’s easy-attach pad back allows it to velcro securely around your child's shoulder seatbelt, and works great with car seats and booster seats.
  • CUTEY BACK SEAT KICK MAT WITH TOP QUALITY. This premium kick mat organizer will not bore your child at all as it is pleasantly well-tailored for kids loaded with fun giraffe designs on it and keep their stuff always tidy. Giving you peace of mind. Now this is something that your child won’t resist and so wouldn’t you!
  • LET THE SUNNIES WORRY THE SUN. Not just an effective protection from harmful sun rays but a kiddie fashion statement as well! The Gerry Giraffe set don’t have just 1 but 2 cling sunshades outlined with lovely giraffe patterns fitting other items like the kick mats and the seat belt pillow. It’s a match!
  • THE 100% HASSLE FREE JOYRIDE – GUARANTEE. We got your back because we know and understand that you've got tons of parental responsibilities to do, and frankly, we are astonished that you’ve got time to read this far. With that, your time will not be taken for granted since we got what you’re truly looking for - eliminate all your v car ride anxieties

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