Clark's Cutting Board Oil & Wax 2 Bottle Set Includes 16 oz Finish 10 oz


  • $24.95

CLARK'S Cutting Board Finish Wax (10oz)  Enriched with Lemon & Orange Oils  Made with Natural Beeswax and Carnauba Wax  Butcher Block Wax
  • PERFECTLY PAIRED – CLARK’S oil and CLARK’S wax are designed to work seamlessly together. We always recommend using them both for best results.
  • CLARK'S OIL PENETRATES WOOD DEEPLY - Oil works its way deep into the grain of Butcher Blocks, Cutting Boards, Bamboo Cutting Boards, Salad Bowls, Wood Utensils and Wood Countertops.
  • CLARK’S WAX ADDS A PROTECTIVE BARRIER – After applying the oil, add another layer of protection from unwanted liquids seeping into your kitchenware by using CLARK’S Wax.
  • SAVE MONEY – When you buy our combo packs. Who doesn’t like that?
  • SAFEST PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET – All CLARK’S products are formulated with FDA approved ingredients for direct and indirect contact with food.

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