Hero 2.0 Pocket Cloth Diaper with Performance Bamboo Insert Sun Singer

Coqui Baby

  • $10.95

Hero 2.0 Pocket Cloth Diaper with Performance Bamboo Insert Sun Singer

  • Shell is 100% polyester (5% Active Wick); Insert is 60% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, 10% Active Wick polyester
  • The Hero Trim-Fit reduces unwanted diaper bulk and frees up Baby to explore and move more naturally, all the while providing needed capacity and strength to last from birth to potty.
  • Industry-leading fit range of 7 to 40+ lbs. Four rise settings. Coquí Joy Frog sewn on back!
  • The soft elasticized pocket opening is placed in back below the leading edge so soakers don't escape and cause premature wicking. The back opening also makes for easier custom-stuffing for boys (more up front) and girls (more in the middle) and makes using different sized soakers easier. Mix n' match with ease! The roomy pocket provides ample space for the option to add extra night soakers.
  • This Hero comes with an Active Wick 4-Layer Performance Bamboo Insert! Trim and super-absorbent, this is the best insert on the planet! Featuring a dream team of functional fibers: 60% bamboo for softness and anti-microbial odor-resistance, 30% organic cotton for durability and fluff, 10% Active Wick for one-way capillary action away from Baby’s skin. Left open on the sides so all layers get super clean in the wash and dry fast. These inserts always lay flat and don’t hold odors.

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