SimplexSilicone Best Large Ice Cube Tray Molds 2 Pack


  • $8.95

SimplexSilicone Best Large Ice Cube Tray Molds 2 Pack

  • 2 Pack 
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: 100% FDA-approved, BPA-free thick and durable silicone that is flexible, leak-proof, non-toxic, stain resistant, odorless, and hygienic!
  • CHILL YOUR BEVERAGE OF CHOICE: Perfect for whiskey, cocktails, coffee, tea, water, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Each tray makes eight extra large 2-inch large ice cubes that can fit nicely into your glasses!
  • KEEPS YOUR DRINK COLD LONGER: Our extra large slow-melting ice cubes are designed to keep your drinks iced cold longer than normal traditional ice cubes. Our king-sized ice cubes melts slowly and evenly to chill your drinks without watering them down!
  • COOL UNIQUE ICE: Not only will the extra large ice cubes make your drinks cool, but it'll also make you cool. Drink your favorite beverages with elegance, class and style. Perfect gift that will guarantee to impress your family, friends, co-workers, and community!

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