Whisky Chilling Stone Rocks Premium Pure Granite Set of 9 Black

Whiskey Rocks

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Whisky Chilling Stone Rocks Premium Pure Granite Set of 9 Black
  • ENJOY YOUR FINEST WHISKEY WITHOUT WATERING IT DOWN WITH ICE CUBES. Don't use ice cubes to chill your whiskey. That's so last century. Now you can enjoy the finest "whiskey rocks" available - made from POLISHED GRANITE, not harmful or toxic plastic.
  • SMOOTH, ROUNDED EDGES WON'T SCRATCH YOUR GLASS Just because these are made from REAL GRANITE doesn't mean they're sharp or jagged. Far from it, We go the extra mile to give you smooth, rounded edges that will be a joy to have in your glass. You'll know you're getting the perfect whiskey temperature you desire without watering down your drink OR scratching your favorite highball glasses.
  • YOUR FAVORITE WHISKEY JUST GOT BETTER Use these wonderful whiskey stones whenever you want to entertain and impress your friends. They'll marvel at the high-quality materials and the attention to detail that we put into every rock. Keep your drink at just the right temp, all night long Chilled granite lasts longer than soapstone - and it does justice to your most expensive whiskey... just like your friends expect from you.
  • YOUR FRIENDS WILL WANT TO STEAL THESE - We must warn you: Don't let these out of your sight. They've been known to find their way into the pockets and purses of even our best friends. Order extra whiskey stone just to be sure - or to share

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